• Can load and operate on E-maps. Maps can be displayed in three layers for more details

  • Can monitor all the equipments. Can provide faulty alarms and indicate error locations

  • Administrator can add/remove user numbers and configure access controls

  • Provide interfaces for third-party Text-to-Speech software and translate text inputs into audio playback

  • Can play audio sources saved on the server machine in any zone on the system network

  • X-SMART PAC, integrated system management software package tailored made for small to mid-size project, is also available

X-SMART integrated system management software is a platform allowing users to optimize internal system resource utilization and manage daily routines more efficiently. It can be customized according to user requirements. The PAC version, designed for small to mid-size project, is a pioneer

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for Voice Alarm System X-DCS2000/EN

Looking for a highly flexible, enjoyable and creditable integrated public address and voice alarm solution for your new building? Honeywell X-618 Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System is exactly what you need– the redefined Xcellent Quality, Xpert Design and Xtra Benefits.


Digital Integrated System Manager


Configurable Network Paging Console

X-DA Series

High Efficiency Digital Power Amplifier


Integrated System Management Software

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