• Lightweight and innovative ID patent pending design. Enable desktop flush mount installation

  • 4.3” color LCD touch screen. Can display system states, broadcast to 1 zone or a group of zones, and achieve marious control via“touch”.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface design

  • Extension, maximum 20 NPM per system, number of function button can be expanded via software without needs of additional keyboard module

  • Built-in monitor loudspeakers. Can achieve functions such as zone monitoring and two-way intercom among X-NPMI/ENs

  • Digital audio signal processing to avoid sound distortion during transmissions

X-NPMI Configurable network Paging Console connects with X-DCS2000/EN and other X-618 components via Ethernet. Unlike traditional call station, the design of X-NPMI centers on information display, user experience and environmental harmony. From interface design to installation methods, X-NPMI is totally user-oriented.

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for Voice Alarm System X-NPMI

Looking for a highly flexible, enjoyable and creditable integrated public address and voice alarm solution for your new building? Honeywell X-618 Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System is exactly what you need– the redefined Xcellent Quality, Xpert Design and Xtra Benefits.


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