• 8 zones per standalone unit, easily extendable via Ethernet.

  • At least 9 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, built-in automatic volume control according to ambient noise level

  • Timing play mode and up to 255 play priorities can be set via software configuration

  • Backup amplifier configuration (main + backup): 3+1, 2+1, 1+1, 2+2 • Built-in 1GB flash memory - can store audio files, recordings and error logs

  • Can monitor zone broadcastings locally or remotely

  • Can interface with fire alarm control panel via 8 dry-contact inputs or MODBUS. Can play 4 alarm tones and user-defined emergency evacuation announcements simultaneously

X-DCS2000/EN, based on Ethernet, is the core unit of X-618 digital PA/VA system. Functions such as audio source storage, network audio receiving, voice playback, audio matrix, volume control, monitoring, error detection, amplifier backup, etc. are all perfectly integrated into the highly 2U compact housing. The patent pending ID design is not only aesthetically attractive but also reduces installation space requirement cable cost.

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Looking for a highly flexible, enjoyable and creditable integrated public address and voice alarm solution for your new building? Honeywell X-618 Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System is exactly what you need– the redefined Xcellent Quality, Xpert Design and Xtra Benefits.


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