Mistakes when buying Toilet Bidet Seat

January 17, 2019



Purchasing a bidet toilet seat is often a big decision for new users. Many different models on the market appears in many features that can be confusing.

Here are some list of common mistakes that buyer make when purchasing toilet bidet seat. So you can manage to learn and setup your bidet effortlessly.


Incorrect Toilet Seat


Buying the wrong sized bidet or one that is not compatible with your particular toilet will result in headaches and dissatisfaction—two things everyone would like to avoid. Measure your toilet carefully before buying and you’ll be enjoying a perfectly fitted bidet toilet seat in no time.




Going Cheap


Bidet toilet seats should really be considered major appliances in line with washing machines and refrigerator.

New users sometimes find the price tag hard to swallow and they go in search of the cheapest bidet seat they can find and are almost always disappointed with the results.

Find a trusted bidet seat seller with great quality products and service.




Not knowing the difference between a Reservoir and Tankless Bidet


User can spend long hours of searching only to find that the bidet that they are looking is cannot fit on their bathroom.

A reservoir bidet seat comes with a large tank, whose purpose is to heat up water. While Electronic bidet seats with tankless water heating systems do not keep a large reservoir of stored water.




Having no electrical outlet


Electronic bidet toilet seats require an electrical outlet for operation. Most bathrooms have electrical outlets already, but usually not next to the toilet. Users can either have a new outlet installed near the toilet, or simply run an extension cord to the nearest outlet if it can be done safely.



Disregarding feminine hygiene


Females who expect to use the bidet in your household will greatly appreciate it if you made sure to purchase a bidet with frontal cleanse. Not all bidets come with this feature, so it's a good idea to keep a lookout for it.

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