Family Room Lighting Ideas & Tips

December 8, 2016

The family room is often the hub for life in the home.


when it comes to lighting, you want options that do it all:

general lighting for entertaining and watching television; task lighting for reading or hobbies; and accent lighting for artwork and architectural features.

If you use Ambient Lighting techniques, you might want to consider:

For a Task Lighting effect, you might want to consider:

If you prefer Accent Lighting, may we suggest:

Some Great Tips From Kichler Include:

  • Emphasize fireplaces with recessed downlights.

  • Reading requires task lighting that comes from behind the reader's shoulder. Keep the bottom of the shade at eye level to avoid glare.

  • Paintings can be highlighted with low-voltage, halogen picture lights. These frame-mounted lights spread a beam of bright, white light across the face of the painting.

  • Accent glass shelves and glassware with two recessed adjustable fixtures.

  • TV, video games and computers require low-level general lighting that does not wash out the screen's image. Install miniature track lighting under shelves to provide both general and accent lighting. Choose from accent spots, mini-lights, and compact or linear fluorescent light sources.

  • Entertainment centers can be emphasized and spotlighted with LED linear lighting. Light behind the oversized flat-screen will add interest to a dark area when the TV is not in use.

  • Step Accent lighting can add navigational safety when the space is used as a home movie theatre and regular lights are switched off.


















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