Plastic Bottle Lamps

August 13, 2016


Lamps with "carboy" pet Step by Step 



1. Choose a bottle of water. 

2 Cut carefully the part of the neck of the bottle.

3 Paint the neck with a white ink to better fix the other colors. 
4- After drying the first coat of paint, paint color you want. 
5. Paint the details such as edges and nozzle of a different color to highlight the format . 
6. You can use your own structure for the fixtures, but if you want to make, find a wood and magazine with wallpaper or magazine pieces. 
7. After drying the frame make small holes spaced medidamente and pass the wires inside luminaire. 
8 Install the nozzle and place the bulbs. 
9. There you go your lamp is all ready!

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