The Orbik LED is a high-performance light bulb ideal for everyday use. This bulb combines the ever-popular A-Shape light bulb with LED technology. This light bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 85 percent compared to a 60 watt standard incandescent light bulb with the same lumen output. With up to 12,000 average rated hours, this durable light bulb offers long-term use and dependability.


LED light bulb technology provides improved performance over popular energy-saving compact fluorescent technology. Substantially bright for everyday tasks, this instant-on light bulb can illuminate residential or commercial applications. The Orbik LED provides general illumination and can be used in ceiling fixtures, pendant light fixtures and table lamps. Can be used in enclosed and non-enclosed fixtures.


With a warm white color, the light bulb offers excellent color quality while conserving energy. Free of harmful mercury, this LED light bulb is an environmentally-friendly choice.

LED Vintage Bulb
Decorative Bulb
T26-1 Pygmy
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